Great Joy

Painting in oil is my great joy.  Oil's juicy responsiveness invites me to build layers of color and texture.  With oil paint, the depth of my understanding can be reflected.  As I grow in artistry, new layers of oil provide witness to this growth.

Life Sketches

Whether I paint outside, in my studio, from life, sketches, or photos, or a combination, alla prima (completion in one sitting), or over a span of time, my process is the same. I form a dynamic relationship with what I see, probing for the heart and essence of my subject.
Cognitive and technical tools flow into the painting, a background matrix. The emerging painting begins to tell me what it needs.

Spirit Listens

My whole spirit listens and guides the decisions that determine each stroke of my brush.
Often I will step away, move the young painting to a different light, check it out upside down, in a mirror, or work on another painting for a while. When I look at it again with fresh eyes, I know what is needed. Finally, when the energy which drew me to the subject comes alive and the painting has told me all I need to know, it is complete and ready to share with you.